Welcome to my Marketplace for Items I recommend and Items I have For Sale currently.   I will add or remove items as they are sold or become available.  All Items are AS IS which might mean they work, but might need something.  Those Items marked with Issues will be sold at a much lower price then listed.   If you are interested in any items on this page, please contact us [ HERE ] for more information.

Keeper’s Gear Suggestions Page


Current Items for Sale (*OBO): (07/29/2020)

Lancer Tactical LT-20B M82


CSI  XR-5  S.T.A.R. ABR (V12 Fusion Engine)


IKAZUCHI Type-0 Mid-Range Battle Rifle


Hudson Double Barrel Gas Shotgun


WE Barry Burton M9 Package


JG AUG (*Upgraded)


JG AUG HBAR-T (*Upgraded)


WIN GUN CO2 Package








Other Items






Also check my arsenal Page *HERE* to see if anything is other interest to you.  You never know…I might be willing to sell it to you!!