5 Airsoft Guns I Want From Airsoft GI – Holiday Airsoft Shopping

The last time I did a video like this, it got over 400,000 views so how about I show off just 5 more airsoft replicas I want from Airsoft GI? From pistols to AKs and even one M4, I’ll try to cover all the important stuff as I get excited for the shopping cart I’m putting together. Maybe the guys at Airsoft GI will get a hint???

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Time Stamps
0:00 5 Airsoft Guns I Want From Airsoft GI Intro
1:07 I Need A New Revolver
2:42 The Punisher’s M1911s by Socom Gear
3:45 What AKs Do I Want?
4:47 Get An LCT RPK or an AKS-74U?
6:11 The Only Modern M4 I Want Right Now
7:37 Wrapping Things Up
8:14 Shout Outs To All The USAirsoft Channel Members!

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BO Chiappa Rhino

Socom Gear Punisher Custom M1911

Arcturus Centaur B



G&G BAMF Team Rifle

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