G&G .308 SBR Mk.1 Airsoft Review – Is This Worth $400?

When I first saw this G&G as a prototype, I knew I had to have it.
I already enjoyed the .308 MBR WH that G&G Armament sent me long ago so adding another one to my collection that was compact enough to take into CQB games was a no brainer. It had to be mine.
I put in my requests and I waited.
Now it’s here so I’m ready to study it, test it, field it, and write my review over it.
This could be a contender for my new CQB primary or it could become just another M4 replica in my collection. I doubt it.
Let’s just see what it has to offer us and see if it’s worth of it’s $400 price tag.

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Philip Heene’s Channel

Time Stamps
0:00 The G&G .308 SBR Mk.1 Review Intro
1:00 The History of The G&G .308 Series
2:07 Unboxing The .308 SBR
3:21 First Impressions & Weighing The SBR
4:35 Barrel Setup
6:03 The Sights
7:07 Which Stock is Better?
8:11 The Connections
8:41 The Receiver
8:54 HopUp
9:36 Wrapping Up The Controls
10:35 The Grip
11:07 Wobbly Parts
11:24 Looking At The Gearbox
13:22 Why The Mags Are Special
15:02 Chronograph Test
15:34 Range & Accuracy
16:19 Audio Measurements
16:57 Conclusions
17:47 Saying Goodbye For Now
18:40 Thanking The Channel Members
19:19 Gameplay at 878 Airsoft
21:15 Testing Air Seal
21:37 Showing off The Trigger

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