To build or to buy? That is the question.

TL;DR version:
+ If you are starting out – try out rentals and entry level stuff first to get a grasp of how the guns work.
+ If you MUST have some features that are available in a more expensive gun – save up for it! Performance can be enhanced in guns of all price ranges however many features cannot be added.
+ If you are looking at custom shop built guns – these are pushing the edge of performance but will suffer from frequent downtime and must be rebuilt constantly, much like a race car. If this type of stuff frustrates you or is not within your budget, do not go this route! Just like in PC building, the more you spend is for smaller margins of gains once you’re in the upper tier price points!
+ If you are buying a used gun to fix it – DON’T… unless you are skilled and can do it yourself (and then it would be considered a good deal). If you buy a gun that is hard to find, hard to work on, etc, and you are going to have someone else fix it, be prepared to pay more or be flat out denied sometimes because the resources to fix a unique gun are not available. For guns that are popular and with widely available parts, it could be viable to fix it up –

Everyone’s needs are different. Let us offer solutions that work best for you. Get in touch with us by phone or email (888)316-7816/ to get you in the right direction!

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