The third generation of the mounts follows the design concept of the latest form factor of GoPro cameras. With the new GoPro design comes a new opportunity to make the mounts even easier to use, lighter and in turn more affordable and that’s exactly what we did.

New folding arms on the GoPro Hero 8 allow for the camera to sit lower to the eye of the viewer and in relation to the hat. Two prongs snap into the openings under the camera and an arm curves over the top of the camera to keep it seated. The camera is friction held and when properly seated on the hat makes it nearly impossible to shake the camera loose.

The goal of the mount remains the same as it was when it was first thought up in 2015. Create a sleek low profile, minimalist system that easily syncs up with the GoPro cameras and easily attaches to any tactical baseball or boonie hat. Once installed the camera is always pointing where the user is looking, no need to worry about if it is too high or low or babying it trying not to throw off your point of view. Simply snap in the camera and hit record the rest is a done deal.

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