Unboxing A $900 Box of Airsoft Stuff

Being locked inside a studio apartment isn’t the most eventful experience.
I get all the time I want to play Medal of Honor and Black Ops 2 but I was getting bored until I got a knock at my door.
I slammed the door afterwards but the second knock was worth it more.
I got a nearly 30 pound box of G&G stuff and I have no idea whats inside and I don’t want to. I like being surprised.
Let’s just hope BrainExploder hasn’t spoiled it already.

A BIG thanks to G&G Armament who made this video possible and for the future reviews that will come out of this unboxing! Expect to see everything you saw here a little later or on my Instagram @usairsoftyoutube
The G&G Wesbite: https://www.guay2.com/en/

The G&G .308 MBR SBR Mk.1: https://www.guay2.com/en/product/detail-2181
The G&G Pirhanna Mk.1: https://www.guay2.com/en/product/detail-2183
The G&G PRK9: https://www.guay2.com/en/product/detail-2113
The G&G SMC-9: https://www.guay2.com/en/product/detail-2078

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