Operation: Tax Break has been a huge success, all thanks to you! All prizes and stickers have been shipped. We’ll see you next year! Stay Corporate Approved.

Thank you to OneTigris for sponsoring all of the gear that we gave away in December. OneTigris is an awesome tactical gear company that puts a lot of effort into making user focused airsoft gear. Check them out here: https://www.onetigris.com/

All revenue generated from sticker sales is going directly to the charity or non-profit that we’ve chosen to sponsor for the year. This year, Operation: Tax Break was benefitting Toward Independence. Toward Independence is a non-profit in the Dayton, Ohio area that cares for adults with developmental disabilities.

Toward Independence website: https://ti-inc.org

Join us. It’s in your best interest.

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Corporate Approved
-AFO MD Airsoft
-Gavinolous The Great
-The Illinois Airsofter
-Tanner Goff

Corporate Plus+
– Dan

Corporate Premium Platinum Plus+
-Shane Peabody
-Surged AI

Corporate Advancedboi

The Executive Suite
-TGray Airsoft
-Allen Truong


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