Right then you orrible lot, this week on Burntwolf airsoft I’m going to be taking a look at the L85A2 by ICS airsoft.This classic British army rifle certainly looks the part,its made of heavy duty stamped steel and has ABS plastic grips just like the real thing

All in all its a hard wearing good looking rifle that shoots really well. However, from speaking to a few owners of this gun, the motors seem to burn out pretty fast and need replacing. The guns also very back heavy even for a bull pup.

It comes with two 300 round high cappa mags and a plastic for grip and rear carry handle iron sites.

It has a safe and fire setting just like the real thing located next to the trigger and a full and semi-auto setting located to the rear of the gun

If you looking for an L85 for a British army loadout, and are able to do some basic repairs yourself, Id say go for this gun its a great solid gun at its heart. But if your new to the sport on a budget and don’t know how to repair these things, id say to leave it well alone as a starting gun. It’s also a bit pricey for the first time players to

And that’s my review of the ICS L85a2

Big thanks go to Radeck for providing me with the gun and user feed back to make this review possible

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