Today is the day airsoft goes 4K. New camera just hit the market and as soon as humanly possible I’ve designed a new mount for it and mounted two of the cameras up on my LCT VSS.

The new RunCam 4 allows us airsofters to record in true 4K which is a video format 4 times the size of the current standard 1080p resolution. Paired with a magnified 35mm lens we can now get so much more detail in every scope shot, zoom in to confirm a hit or a miss and follow the BB to the target. Airsoft cheaters will no longer be saved by the pixel. Facing me is the wide angle variant of the camera, new sensor and motherboard create beautiful visuals.

Be sure to visit for this camera and mount combination.

Lets not forget the weapon tasked with being the first to rock the 4K action cams. This LCT VSS from Airsoft Megastore on its maiden voyage did amazing. The gun feels great in hand paired with a 2.5X PSO-1 scope and has amazing accuracy for a sub 400 fps rifle that does no require any special exceptions to field.

BEM 4K Selfie – Wide Angle Camera (RunCam4)

BEM 4K Field – Mid/Long Range Zoom Camera (RunCam4 35mm)


PSO-1 Scope (Similar)

GoPro 5

GoPro Boonie Hat Mount

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